Jeff Derrenberger

Programmer & Pro Gamer

Jeff as programmer and pro gamer


In addition to designing games, I also write about them!

I worked as a reviewer (usually under the name "Jeff") and covered some popular games from recent years at:

iPad Games Zone

TLDR: Buy Faster Than Light! ($9.99)

Here's a series of reviews I wrote on underappreciated games lost in the TouchArcade forums:

"Good Games Buried Deep"

TLDR: Test Chamber - Mind-Bending Puzzles is awesome!

And this is my blog about the trials of being an unknown, solo developer:

ThumbSnail Studios

TLDR: Safeway Select Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pizza for life!


Q. Are you really a pro gamer?

Yes, I get to make that claim thanks to Turbo League Racing, a 2013 mobile racing game promoting the Dreamworks movie Turbo.

Q. Oh, is that why you're obsessed with snails?

I wouldn't say obsessed. But, yes, that experience motivated me to make my own games, hence ThumbSnail Studios was born.

Q. Did you attempt to become a pro gamer in StarCraft?

No, the time I spent teaching English in Korea made it clear that kimchi is the source of their dominating power. My stomach cannot handle kimchi.

Q. If you like snails so much, why don't you eat them?

Ew, yuck. Oh, gross, no. Just no.